2020 Burgundy Vintage

The winter preceding the 200 vintage was mild and dry. Early April was cooler but as the month went on temperature rose to an unseasonably warm 25C and the vines made rapid growth. May saw the arrival of some welcome rain and flowering began in earnest. By June, growth was around 3 weeks ahead of usual. Berries swelled to a good size and veraison was started, with few disease issues, in early July. Burgundy endured a series of heat waves throughout the month and the lack of rainfall resulted in a protracted veraison. Another heatwave in August was enough to cause some hydric stress and vines shut down. The grapes were healthy and possessed remarkable acidity and balanced alcohol, as a result of the vines having shut down for part of August. Overall yields were similar to 2019, i.e. about two thirds of average.

The Wines
2020 reds tend to have a more robust tannic structure than 2019 and will benefit from a little longer in the cellar before they show their full complexity. They benefit from superb ripeness and concentration and are particularly expressive of their individual terroirs.

The whites tend towards elegance and austerity, with acidity being retained by blocking the malolactic fermentation in many cases. Their fruit is plush and refined, with refreshing acidity and defined structure.


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