Few wines can claim to be all but indestructible, yet after more than a century in bottle, the oldest of these Madeira remain as fresh as a daisy.

Madeira is produced in a variety of traditional styles but it is rare to find single vintage bottlings and rarer still to find examples of the maturity we can offer here. All were sourced directly from the producers, some of them from the family reserves. These virtually 'indestructible' wines can be enjoyed for months after opening.

Grape varieties – There are five 'Noble' grapes that can be used for the production of Madeira:

Sercial – The most dry
Verdelho – Medium dry.
Bual – Medium rich/sweet.
Malvasia – Most classic Madeira grape, the richest and sweetest.
Terrantez – A rare variety that produces much sought after wines.

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