Few wines can claim to be all but indestructible, yet after more than a century in bottle, the oldest of these Madeira remain as fresh as a daisy. 

Madeira is produced in a variety of traditional styles but it is rare to find single vintage bottlings and rarer still to find examples of the maturity we can offer here. All were sourced directly from the producers, some of them from the family reserves. These virtually 'indestructible' wines can be enjoyed for months after opening.

Grape varieties – There are five 'Noble' grapes that can be used for the production of Madeira:

Sercial – The most dry
Verdelho – Medium dry.
Bual – Medium rich/sweet.
Malvasia – Most classic Madeira grape, the richest and sweetest.
Terrantez – A rare variety that produces much sought after wines.

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  1. Blandy’s MCDXIX Winemaker’s Selection Madeira

    Blandy’s MCDXIX Winemaker’s Selection Madeira

    2019 marks 600 years since the discovery of the island of Madeira in 1419. Blandy’s are commemorating this occasion by creating what, they believe, will become one of the island's greatest wines "MCDXIX, The Winemaker's Selection".

    Just 600 beautifully handcrafted magnums of MCDXIX have been produced. The wine is a blend of 11 exceptional wines spanning 3 Centuries (19th, 20th & 21st) made from the five historical white grape varietals of Madeira – Sercial, Verdelho, Terrantez, Bual and Malmsey.

    Blandy’s winemaker, Francisco Albuquerque, who is 3 times winner of the “IWC fortified winemaker of the year”, selected the wines for the blend:

    “It’s a privilege to have the responsibility of creating this unique and memorable wine, blending the characteristics of each varietal. I wanted to create a blend with some of the best Vintages spanning 3 centuries. This wine, upon drinking, will provoke strong emotions and unforgettable pleasure.”

    Francisco Albuquerque, Winemaker, September 2019


    The bottle and the packaging reflect the quality of the wine while honouring Madeira’s history and its age-old industries. The 1.5L crystal bottle is modelled on a 18th Century bottle design and finished with a silver collar engraved with the bay of Funchal. The Box is handmade from Vinhático wood, a tree which grows in Madeira’s Laurisilva Forest, UNESCO protected since 1999 (the Azores, Madeira and the Canary islands are now the only place in the world you will find these forests). The final touches are handmade by the islands famous wicker and embroidery artisans, with handwoven wicker panels on the box and a hand-embroidered envelope used to contain the wines certificate.


    The Blandy family are synonymous with Madeira wine. Today they are the leading and most awarded Madeira producer with an unbroken heritage dating back to 1811. For the company’s 7th generation family member, and CEO, Chris Blandy, MCDXIX has set a new standard for Madeira wine:

    “In order to properly celebrate the 600-year anniversary since the discovery of the island, we needed a wine that would stand the test of time. We managed to integrate some of the best vintages from the family’s stock, the know-how and expertise of our winemaker Francisco Albuquerque, the historical components from the island and the handicraft of some of the best artisans from the country. I believe that this wine will not only set the standard today, but will also be a reference for future generations.”

    Chris Blandy, CEO, September 2019

    • Type: Fortified
    • Colour:
    • Country: Portugal
    • Case Size: 1
    • Bottle Size: 1.5l



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