Ch Musar, 2006, 3x1.5ltr (DUTY PAID SALES ONLY)

Ch Musar, 2006, 3x1.5ltr (DUTY PAID SALES ONLY)
Ch Musar, 2006, 3x1.5ltr

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Tasting Notes

Publication: VinQuinn

The 2006 Red has a solid core of deep ruby colour, which is just starting to show signs of maturity at the rim. It has an exceptionally intense nose of ripe and fragrant black cherry and chocolate. The palate is equally bold, almost flamboyant, by Musar standards. It's simply bursting with juicy blackberry, blueberry, wild strawberry and mulberry. The tannins are ripe and supple and the acidity lends freshness and finesse. Musar have timed it perfectly with this release; it's absolutely good to go.  Such is it's immediate appeal, it's hard to see many bottles being given the opportunity to see further cellar time but with another decade or two, I'd expect to see layers and layers of complexity unfurl.

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Ch Musar, 2006, 3x1.5ltr

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