Manzanilla La Gitana En Rama, Hidalgo, 6x750ml

Manzanilla La Gitana En Rama, Hidalgo, 6x750ml

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Case size: 6 / Bottle size: 750ml



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Manzanilla La Gitana En Rama, Hidalgo, 6x750ml


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Tasting Notes

Critics Score: 90

Publication: Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate

The NV La Gitana Manzanilla en Rama is an unfiltered version of their popular Manzanilla, La Gitana that has notes of esparto grass, brine, sea breeze and a golden color which speaks to the age of the wine, in particular the older age and extended complexity as compared to the filtered, regular La Gitana. The palate is medium-bodied, with bitter, penetrating flavors of green almonds and a saline, balanced finish. A clear step up over the filtered, very young La Gitana.

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