Tim and Judy Finn established Neudorf in 1978 and their pioneering spirit has been instrumental in putting this lesser-known region of New Zealand on the vinicultural map. I first encountered their wines in the 1990s and they were already some of the finest Pinots and Chardonnays in the New World. They were highly sought-after then and are even harder to come by now.

The newest releases from 2019 will ship around December, this year. I thoroughly recommend pre-ordering whilst there's still a little to be had.

"Pinot grown in the Moutere Hills is where the real excitement sits, and Tim and Judy Finn’s Neudorf Vineyards has long been the yardstick for quality. With 35 years of winegrowing experience, they have established success beyond pinot noir to many other grape varieties such as chardonnay, pinot gris and riesling. All are of consistently outstanding quality". - Nick Stock,

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