Hundred Acre

Hundred Acre may only have been around for a couple of decades but in that time, it has produced twenty 100 point (Wine Advocate) wines. This trailblazing estate is owned by self-taught winemaker, Jayson Woodbridge. His first purchase was the Kayli Morgan vineyard, at the base of Howell mountain. This was followed with the purchase of Ark vineyard,at the base of Glass Mountain just outside of St. Helena. The addition of the Few and Far Between vineyard, on the upper slope above Eisele vineyard in Calistoga was the final piece in the puzzle.

Not content with producing exceptional single vineyard wines from each of his three sites, Woodbridge created a blend of all three. 'Wraith' is a barrel selection from the best of each vineyard, combined as an ultimate expression, intended to be greater than the sum of its constituent parts. 

Deep Time is a special project where individual barrels are selected for prolonged oak ageing before bottling, with the aim of enhancing depth and harmony. Production is always minuscule.

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