1962 Cossart Gordon, Bual Madeira, 1x750ml

1962 Cossart Gordon, Bual Madeira, 1x750ml

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Case size: 1 / Bottle size: 750ml

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Publication: Tamlyn Currin, jancisrobinson.com

Aged for 53 years in the Blandy's lodge canteiro system. Bottled in 2015 and 1,104 bottles released. TA 10.5 g/l, pH 3.3,RS 121 g/l. Biscotti and dense, dark fruit-cake aromas, top notes of sandalwood and cigar uncurling like tendrils of smoke as the wine very, very slowly starts to shift and open in the glass. Burnt sugar and lemon juice, balsamic raisins and figs and limes. Tobacco. Deep-roasted pecans. Dark chocolate and hazelnuts. And yet it is SO fresh; crackling, snapping with life and piercing purity. A coiled spring. There is, through the centre line, a slender bitter curve that draws the sweetness into its wake. A wine that keeps on and on unfurling, in the glass and across the mouth. Wide spread, filling every corner, little flecks of brilliance flaring up like fireflies. I would have given anything to have sat with with this wine for several hours…
1962 Cossart Gordon, Bual Madeira, 1x750ml