1966 Blandy's, Bual Madeira

1966 Blandy's, Bual Madeira

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Critics Score: 94

Publication: Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

Drinking Dates: 2016-2050

The 1966 Bual was bottled in 2015. Deep amber in colour, it has a harmonious nougat, Chinese tea, walnut and dried fig-scented bouquet that unfolds wonderfully in the glass - so complex and mercurial. The palate is smooth and viscous on the entry, almost candied with dried orange peel, mandarin, walnut and a touch of peach skin. The acidity is beautifully judged here and lends this Bual the tension to counterbalance the richness and density on the finish, so that it almost seems weightless on the effortless finish. Just 708 bottles released of this superb 1966 Bual. Chestnut amber with a green tinge on a wide rim. Pronounced intense aromas of fudge and caramel, sticky toffee pudding. Astonishingly powerful in the mouth, ginger and spice and shimmering acidity. Dry clench on finish and real tug of tannins. Tamarind, lemon, orange peel, dried fruit, fruit cake, Christmas spice. Chewy and a mouthful and real character. Very pure and direct and a symphony of complex beauty. So many layers which keep unfolding and unfolding in the glass and in the mouth. Stunning.
1966 Blandy's, Bual Madeira