1977 Blandy's, Listrao, 6x375ml

1977 Blandy's, Listrao, 6x375ml

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Case size: 6 / Bottle size: 375ml

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Antique furniture, honeycomb, strawberry, and a suggestion of Christmas pudding on the nose. Vibrant and fresh flavours of dried cranberry, papaya and spice. 
1977 Blandy's, Listrao, 6x375ml

The Listrão grape is found only on the island of Porto Santo, in the archipelago of Madeira. This wine is
made exclusively from grapes of the Listrão variety (also known as Malvasia-Rei in mainland Portugal
or Palomino-Fino in Spain), located on the lower fields of the island of Porto Santo. The grapes were
harvested by hand in the 1977 harvest, in the William Leacock vineyards, in one of the last, if not the
last, harvests done in this property - Quinta do Ribeiro Salgado. They were then transported on a long
boat trip to the island of Madeira, where they were aged in the centuries-old Blandy’s Wine Lodges.
The small island of Porto Santo is of volcanic origin, but very different from Madeira. The island has
very few trees, the soils are arid, sandy, and have clay soils with aluminium silicates, making it a very
unique terroir . The vines are planted close to the ground and surrounded by “crochet” walls, which
protect them from the wind and the sea breeze, resulting in wines that are sweeter and have less
acidity. It is a very rare wine and the last of the Listrão stock of the company.

Only 751 bottles were bottled.