1978 Cossart Gordon, Bual, 6x750ml

1978 Cossart Gordon, Bual, 6x750ml

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Case size: 6 / Bottle size: 750ml

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Bright and bracing on the nose, with aromas of beeswax, balsamic, and redcurrant. Seductive and sensual. Real fireworks here. The palate is sensational, with a pronounced caramelised banana and vanilla pod character. Intense and engaging. Polished and refined. 
1978 Cossart Gordon, Bual, 6x750ml

These grapes came specifically from the area of Calheta, the warmest and sunniest area on the island of
Madeira. They were harvested by hand in a good harvest in 1978, trodden on using the traditional wooden
lagares and then aged for more than 40 years in the “Canteiro” system (in old oak casks supported on
long wooden beams) in the warehouses of Madeira Wine Company, in Funchal and then later in Caniçal.
The island of Madeira is of volcanic origin, with different types of soils in its different regions. In the area
of Calheta, the vines grow between 100 and 300 meters in altitude, on deep, claysoils, with a medium
content of organic matter, low in phosphorus, with a medium high level of potassium and very rich in
calcium and magnesium. The vines are planted in the trellis and espaliers systems, with strong influence
from the sun, wind and sea breeze, producing wines that are highly appreciated for their balance of
acidity and sweetness.

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