1992 Musar White, 6x750ml

1992 Musar White, 6x750ml

Ch Musar White, 1992, 6x750ml
N.B. Chateau Musar recommend the use of prongs to remove corks that are older than 15 years of age, as using a corkscrew may prove difficult to remove the cork in one piece.

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Case size: 6 / Bottle size: 750ml

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Critics Score: 97

Publication: Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW, Decanter

Drinking Dates: Now-2052

You can't judge this wine too quickly; it needs to be tasted with an open mind over a long period. The initial aromas are delicate: dried flowers and dried apricots; nice but not complex. Then in the mouth it becomes something unique – an intriguing wine that hides its class in a cryptic message. On the first day I gave it 92 points, but it is only from day two that it starts to show its amazing complexity, becoming something between a wine and an elixir. It starts to fade away on the fifth day after opening. Decanting is a must.

Ch Musar White, 1992, 6x750ml

A pleasant nose, complex, vegetable, white fruits, dry fruits.
In the mouth, a supple attack, fatty one. Good fluidity, interest and length.