2019 Domaine Sautereau, Sancerre

2019 Domaine Sautereau, Sancerre

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This is an elegant wine with floral notes complemented by citrus and stone fruit aromas of grapefruit, lemon and peach, which follow through on to the rounded palate. Medium-bodied with bright acidity, there is a small hint of liquorice and minerality on the long finish, which adds to its charm.

2019 Domaine Sautereau, Sancerre

In the village of Crézancy, seven kilometres west of Sancerre, the Sautereau family has been producing wine for nine generations. The winery is now being run by David Sautereau, who is producing modern, attractive wines that offer excellent value for money.

The Domaine's 22 hectares of vineyard are situated mainly in Crézancy, with a tiny proportion located in Bué and the village of Sancerre itself. The range of soils in this area, many of which are predominantly calcerous, allows David a good spread of different blending components for the wine, giving more complex and varied flavours.

The pressed grapes were fermented in stainless steel tanks at relatively cool temperatures of 16-19ºC in order to preserve the purity and aromatics of the fruit.

Cold weather in spring and frost in April affected the early stages of the growth cycle. However, the hot and dry weather which followed in summer allowed the grapes to ripen in good condition.