Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla en Rama Sherry (2023 release), 6x750ml

Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla en Rama Sherry (2023 release), 6x750ml

Unfiltered, unfined, pure free run juice, direct from the barrel. La Gitana En Rama is made only from grapes grown in the highest quality vineyads: Balbaina and Miraflores. This makes the wine more intense and complex. The idea is to taste the Sherry almost as if you had visited the bodega in Spain and dipped your glass into the barrel.

La Gitana En Rama is only available when the flor permits and the tiny amount of this superb value wine quickly sells out to those in the know.

Spring 2023 Release

Availability: 4 weeks

Case size: 6 / Bottle size: 750ml

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Critics Score: 95

Publication: Gold Medal, International Wine Challenge 2023

Youthful, fresh and stylish. elegant with fleur de sel, salinity. macadamia nuts, nocellara green olives, rounded mouth-feel with lovely precedence. wow!
The 2023 Spring Release of Bodegas Hidalgo-La Gitana En Rama - Sea salt and ocean breezes….freshly bottled, natural and straight from the cask! One sip and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the Cathedral Style Bodega of San Luis and treated to an ice cold glass of Manzanilla direct from the barrel.

Produced from 100 % Palomino grapes grown on white albariza soils at Hidalgo’s highest quality vineyards of El Cuadrado at Balbaina Alta and Miraflores. Manzanilla En Rama is sherry at its very best - unfined and only lightly filtered free-run juice which has spent eight years in the solera. This Spring 2023 release is available in limited quantities (only 35 barrels with a capacity of 1.000 litres of the solera are used) and can be considered the best value sherry in the world.

Tasting note:
Intense, complex and balanced on the nose, this En Rama is a crisp, citrusy and salty wine, influenced by the close proximity of the cellars in Sanlucar de Barrameda to the sea (only 500m away) as well as the altitude of the Balbaina vineyard (100m). Matured using the traditional ‘Criaderas y Solera’ process in American oak casks, under a layer of flor integrated by the yeasts.

At 15% alcohol, it is perfect served as an aperitif with salted nuts, olives and jamon or with fish, seafood, asparagus and artichokes.

Bodegas Hidalgo – La Gitana
• Established in 1792 making it the 9th oldest company in Spain and the 3rd oldest sherry Bodega. Hidalgo is now owned and run by the 8th generation – Luis, Antonio, Juan and Fermin Hidalgo.
• There are two markers of quality for a sherry – terroir of the vineyard but also terroir of the bodega and where it is. Hidalgo is located in Barrio Bajo, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, which is only 500m away from the sea and several bodies of water. This means a high level of humidity (higher than in Jerez and El Puerto) which is great for the flor and means finer sherries.
• Bodegas Hidalgo have 2 permanent coopers to repair their casks, some of which are more than 150 years old.
• They own 100% of their vineyards which is very rare for the region and means complete control of quality.
• Albariza soils – marine sedimentary. Very chalky, 50-80% limestone

Bodegas Hidalgo En Rama Manzanilla
• ‘Rama’ means ‘branch’ in Spanish – and En rama would be translated as on the vine or figuratively ‘raw’ – in its natural state, straight from the cask
• It comes from the same vineyard as la Gitana – El Cuadrado
• La Gitana En Rama is produced only from free run juice without any pressure being exerted.
• 2 years longer in solera than la Gitana (8 years in total) - old American oak casks, under a layer “flor” formed by the yeasts.
• Taken from best barrels in San Luis winery
• Most houses use the same wine for their En Rama as their Manzanilla/Fino, but Hidalgo specially select 35 casks of wine for their En Rama