Graham, 90 Very Old Tawny Port NV

Graham, 90 Very Old Tawny Port NV

Graham, 90 Very Old Tawny Port 1x75cl

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Case size: 1 / Bottle size: 750ml

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Critics Score: 95

Publication: Mark Squires, Wine Advocate

Drinking Dates: 2016-2050

The NV 90 Very Old Tawny Port was made to commemorate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. This is a blend of the 1935, 1924 and 1912 vintages, the blend averaging 90 years in age. It was bottled with a bar top cork. In structure, this is just about perfect. The big, big power is relentless, driving the fruit and the concentrated, complex flavors into the palate. The finish is simply endless. This is a step or two short of perfection, though. There was a bit of char on the nose, perhaps a hint that one or more components is really old--perhaps a touch too much. Sometimes that does blow off with extended aeration--at least for that moment. That quibble aside--and it was just a quibble--it is rather brilliant overall in every other respect. It won't be cheap--I've seen prices over $1,000 in Portugal and around 700 pounds in Great Britain. It is a memorable tawny, though.
Graham, 90 Very Old Tawny Port
Case size:1x75cl