Sell Your Wines

There are all sorts of reasons why it might be time to sell some of your wines. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have wines you bought with a view to drinking but have now appreciated to prices that would show a tidy return. Maybe your tastes have evolved over time and those Clarets just don’t suit your Burgundian palate now. Whatever the reason, if you have wines which are surplus to requirements, simply email us a list and we’ll be happy to provide an honest appraisal of their value and current demand.

Much like selling a house through an estate agent, there will be those who seek to get your business by proposing the highest prices, only to moderate this later on when they’ve been listing your wines for months with no sale. Our approach is focused on getting the job done and the cash in your pocket.

N.B. We are only able to quote for whole cases of wines which are stored In Bond, in perfect condition and original packaging. 

Contact us to discuss in more detail