Taylor's Single Harvest, 1965

Taylor's Single Harvest, 1965

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Publication: VinQuinn

1965 Taylor's Single Harvest50 years on and this is a wine with a terrific colour of deep tawny hue, tending towards mahogany. the rim is bright and yellowing, whilst the core remains relatively dense. As soon as the glass was poured, aromas of camp coffee and caramel spread out. These are followed by a multitude of complex aromatics, including nettle, warm earth, rich fruit cake, pomegranate and subtle hints of fenugreek and cumin.The palate is unusually vibrant for a Port this age, with impressively zesty acidity. Delicate and fresh, there's real poise and harmony to every sip. The finish almost creeps up on you, with a lingering sense of toasted hazelnuts, wild strawberries and mocha. Savour every last drop.

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Taylor's Single Harvest, 1965